MemberType Monthly 6 months 12 months
Adult - Unlimited access HKD1050 HKD950 HKD5500 HKD10500
Students - Unlimited access HKD800 HKD5000 HKD9500
Ladies HKD300 (Accessible to Ladies class only)
Junior 15 years old or under* HKD500 (Accessible to fundamental classes only)
Kids HKD400
Family Package HKD800 (1 Adult and 1 Kid, accessible to Kids and Sat & Sun classes only)
Other Charges:

- Drop in fee (for people from overseas)

For those who has joined ladies class,

- Drop in fee (for ladies class only)

- Drop in fee (for regular class)

- Retal Gi and towel

  • All adults members are required to set up auto-pay or arrange 6/12 months advance payments.
  • For people who has already set up auto-pay, please kindly change the payment amount, or please pay the balance between old price and new price.
  • *Accessible to fundamental classes only


Bank Account
Setting up Auto-payment (= standing instruction) is highly recommended.


: 817 – 021702 – 001 (HSBC)

Please kindly set “payment date” to be 1st – 5th of every month, and provide us a copy of standing instruction.