Takizawa Keisuke (Head Instructor)


Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu
3rd Degree Black Belt in Judo

The head coach and founder of the team. Enthusiastic on helping the students to build up their own game in this sports. Less fancy techniques but emphasizes on more effective and stable ways to control the game. Come and enjoy Taki's class and have a try. Just feel free to ask him for a roll during the sparring session in his class!

IBJJF Asian Open 2013 (Silver in Medium division, Black belt Master)
JBJJF Japan Open 2011 (Gold in Medium division, Brown belt Adult)
JJFJ West Japan 2011 (Gold in Medium division, Brown belt Adult)
Rickson Cup 2009 (Gold in Lightweight divison, Brown belt Master)
Dumau International Jiujitsu Cup (Gold in Medio division, Brown belt Adult) and other multiple titles.